The Idea

Vlad Corp USA is build around my personal expertise and experience from starting and managing a variety of small businesses as well as a general pursuit of knowledge in fields that interest me. 

I am quite frank about what I think I can accomplish and what I can’t in order to ensure that I can deliver on my promises to clients.

This website is not dedicated to anything specific, I know, a huge NO-NO in our specialized world! It is part sales, part travel blog, part accounting and finance blog (or whatever I feel like writing about).

The blog is better organized and should allow each visitor easy access to the information they want (That’s the goal of WordPress in the end anyhow!)

About The Website


Stuck in the Rat Race? Working all the time but your bank account is still overdrawn? A lot of business owners are stuck financially and most don’t even realize it.


The blog contains articles I was quote in, reviews of books I’ve read or am reading, information about the places I’ve visited and other topics I think are interesting.


Automation is the next step and businesses need to be take advantage of the benefits it provides. Automation does not have to be extensive to help a business make more cash!

Let me know what you think of the Blog

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